Beyond Words

Robert Coon. Elliptical Navigations Through the Multitudinous Aethyrs of Avalon. Excalibur Press, 1984.

This is indubitably the work of a Master who has harnessed the phoenix power of the Hierarchy. Only those who have made intensive practical study of the esoteric tradition of the Harwood Grimoire will appreciate the full significance of the author's achievement recognising a kindred soul they will marvel.

Coon has understood more fully than most the importance of the harnessing of the dramatic symbolism of the phoenix power of the true Zodiac. The hyperstructural realism of this approach consists in utilizing the essential tension between being and not-being. The Polynesian metaphysical concept of tepu is perhaps the only way we can comprehend what is involved, and it is to be understood that advanced Polynesian geomantic/zodiacal magical techniques contain a coral reef echo of the deep ocean mysticism of the protean Atlantan tradition of stellar evocation.

There is a buried tradition of geomythic wisdom, which initiates have preserved. The influence of this tradition/wisdom/magic on certain esoteric groups is much speculated upon, but the facts are known to few. Even fewer are aware of the direct influence of the English landscape on the American and French revolutions.

However, those who have examined, with authentic clarity, the great tradition of North-Western Masonic initiates from Hugh Brewer to A. G. Bennet (all undeniably Great Gatekeepers of Brigantia), have few doubts; and if truth were told behind many a provincial civic society there lies a High Priest of some Atlantean nomadic magic. But some truths are beyond telling.

Until Pooley and Omalley's Golden Griffin; Alchemical Secrets of the West London Zodiac is published, Elliptical Navigations is likely to be the most potent evocation of Proto-Druidic mystery to be released to the uninitiated. -- E.L.W., from Magonia 16, July 1984.

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