Professional Prickers

P. G. Maxwell-Stuart. Witch Hunters: Professional Prickers, Unwitchers and Witch Finders of the Renaissance. Tempus, 2003. 

In this study of learned and folk witch hunters, Maxwell-Stuart continues his revisionist examination of the witchcraft panic, arguing that we cannot judge those involved from the Olympian peaks of the the twenty-first century.

Leap too Far

Gordon Cooper with Bruce Henderson. Leap of Faith: an Astronaut's Journey into the Unknown. HarperCollins, 2000. 

Mercury and Gemini astronaut Gordon Cooper's day of fame was nearer to 40 than 30 years ago, which is perhaps why his memoirs are spiced up with UFO stories.

Georgia on my Mind

Jim Miles. Weird Georgia: Close Encounters, Strange Creatures, and Unexplained Phenomena. Cumberland House, 2000. 

Some of the best Fortean writing these days takes the form of regional studies, and this one by Jim Miles, who is an economics teacher by profession and a historian and Fortean by avocation, has produced a huge round up of Georgian Forteana. 

Bad Astronomy

Philip Plait. Bad Astronomy: misconceptions and misuses revealed, from astrology to the moon landing 'hoax'. John Wiley and Sons, 2002.

In the first of series of books on 'bad science', astronomer Philip Plait examines a range of misconceptions about astronomy, including a range of pseudo-sciences from Velikovsky to UFOs.

Sense on Conspiracies

David Alexander. Conspiracies and Coverups . Berkely Books, 2002. 

A popular introduction to the world of conspiracy theories, with sections on everything from the sexual politics of the JFK and FDR eras, to the wild tales of Roswell. 
The result is a book in which the author seems to be reasonably balanced and sceptical about most of the wilder theories, but which shows a surprising credulity about flying saucer stories including the nonsense of Philip Corso. One also has to say that Alexander must have spent most of his high school history lessons ogling the cheerleaders rather than attending to the teacher, judging by some of the howlers here. Of course while conspiracy theorists ramble on about mind controlled sex slaves, alien bases, black helicopters and the black, Jewish, Freemason bankers in the Vatican, the real conspiracies of power and greed and those dirty deals with enemies' enemies, who always turn out to be even worse than the overt enemy.

All Together Now!

Robert Trundle. UFOs: Politics, God and Science. European Press Academic Publishing, 2000.

When someone who lays claim to being an academic philosopher writes a book on any topic, however controversial, the reader might expect to see logically presented, cogently argued points, and a superior ability to critically evaluate evidence and sources. Surely even a UFO book by such a writer should be one that forces to take notice of its arguments.

Remote From Reality

Tim Rifat. Remote Viewing: what it is, who uses it and how to do it. Vision Paperbacks, 2001.

Tim Rifat's formula for writing this stuff is to take some old fashioned magic and superstition, dress it all in a coating of technical sounding verbiage from a variety of disciplines to blind with science, and serve with a salad of paranoia and conspiracy theories, with a topping of motivational and management crap. Serve cold.

Hearing Colours

John Harrison. Synaesthesia: the Strangest Thing. Oxford University Press, 2001. £16.99.

A leading authority on the subject of synaesthesia outlines the research and experiments conducted by his mentor Simon Baron-Cohen and himself on this curious confusion of senses. 

American Monsters

Philip L Rife. America's Loch Ness Monsters. Writers' Club Press, 2000. 
Philip L Rife. Bigfoot Across America. Writers Club Press, 2000.
Philip L Rife. America's Nightmare Monsters. Writers Club Press, 2001 

This trio of books shows different patterns in the dissemination of monster stories, and how these can be seen to gradually seen to drift away from the paws and pelts cryptozoologists.

Sex and Saucers

C L Turnage. Sexual Encounters with Extraterrestrials: a Provocative Examination of Alien Contact. Timeless Voyager Press, 2001. 

C L Turnage is not, as you might expect from the books title, a male writer for Playboy or Hustler, but a female American ufologist and member of the Ancient Astronaut Society. 

The Middle Ground

Eva Pocs. Between the Living and the Dead: a perspective on witches and seers in the early modern age. Central European University Press, 1999.

Eva Pocs' study of Hungarian witch trials, shows that these trials were rather more transparent than those in the West, allowing more of the folkloric background to be discerned behind the ecclesiastical presuppositions. 

Old Time Ufology

Brad Steiger. Project Blue Book: The Top Secret Findings Revealed. Ballantine, 1977.


Fair to Middling

Len Ortzen. Strange Stories of UFOs. Arthur Barker. 1977


A Book of Wonders

Bob Rickard and John Michel. Phenomena: a Book of Wonders. Thames & Hudson, 1977.


All About Mysteries.

World of The Unknown Series. All About UFOs; All About Ghosts; All About Monsters . Usborne Books. 1977.


Without a Clue

Charles Berlitz. Without a Trace. Souvenir Press, 1977.


UFO Occupants

Coral and Jim Lorenzen. Encounters with UFO Occupants. Berkley Medallion, 1976.


For Your Coffee Table

Roy Stemman. Visitors from Outer Space. Aldus Books, 1973.

Iberian Investigations

Vincente-Juan Ballester- Olmos. Catalogue of 200 Type-1 UFO Events in Spain and Portugal. Center for UFO Studies, 1974.

Nothing to See Here

Michael Hervey. UFOs, The American Scene. Hale, 1976.

The Past is Human

Peter White. The Past is Human. Angus & Robertson, 1975.

Looking for Life

Carl Sagan. ( ed) Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI). MIT Press, 1976.

Biblical Blunders

Eric von Daniken. Miracles of the Gods. Souvenir Press, 1975.

History Lesson

David Michael Jacobs. The UFO Controversy in America. Indiana University Press, 1975.

Pendulums and Megaliths

T. C. Lethbridge. Legend of The Sons of God. Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1972. 

Sceptics and Skeptics

David Marks and Richard Kamman. The Psychology of the Psychic, with a forward by Martin Gardner. Prometheus Books, 1980. 
Felix E. Planer. Superstition. Cassell, 1980. 

MUFON Proceedings

MUFON.  Proceedings of the MUFON UFO Symposium, San Francisco, July 7-8th, 1979. 

The Etherian invasion

John De Herra. The Etherian Invasion. Hwong Pub. Co., Los Alamitas, CA. 1978. 

Wobbly in Wales

Peter Paget. The Welsh Triangle. Panther, 1979. 

"Wholly Valueless"

Norman Briazack and Simon Mennick. The UFO Guidebook. New English Library 1979.