The Stones Speak

Don Robins. Circles of Silence. Souvenir Press, 1985.

Don Robins presents here some of the first published reports on the Dragon Project, a programme of instrumented tests on various megalithic structures and sites in Britain to determine if there are any detectable forms of radiation which may be responsible for some of the alleged anomalous properties of these locations.

Robins's initial investigations at Rollright, in Oxfordshire recorded significant levels of ultrasonic radiation at sunrise, the level of which seemed to vary seasonally. Although some hints of an explanation for this phenomenon are given properties of stone at a sub-atomic level are discussed the author admits that this research is still at a very early stage.

Even so, these preliminary findings are interesting, and suggest lines for further work. Above all, the work of the Dragon Project is an attempt to move 'earth mysteries' research into the area of replicable experiment and away from the vague, intuitive approach that has accompanied it so far. This will no doubt occasion accusations of cold-hearted sterile ultra-rationalism from some EM enthusiasts; but such a desiccated attitude does not come across in Robins's deeply felt accounts of his own dawn visits to Rollright. -- John Rimmer, from Magonia 20, August 1985

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