Who On Earth?

Terry Le Riche Walters. Who on Earth am I? Psychic, Alien and Paranormal Experiences. Amora, Ringwood, Hants, 1997.

There are many people who claim psychic powers, and many of them are also insufferably pompous and pretentious. Not so Terry Walters. He tells his story in such an artless, straightforward manner that one immediately warms to him, despite the fantastic nature of his claims.

It seems that when he encounters sick people they are either quickly cured, or at least feel much better. He is also a dab hand at exorcising troublesome spirits and psychically receiving messages in time to warn people of unforeseen dangers.

Most Christians who gain reputations for having healing abilities attribute them to the power of the Holy Ghost, but Terry, not being a religious man, attributes them to his friends, the 'Orions', so called because they hail from the general direction of Orion.

The Orions would be instantly recognised by most ufologists as the type known as Nordics. Terry has travelled with the Orions in their craft. Early one morning the Orions revealed their presence and invited him to join them on a journey. Terry did this without leaving his bedroom, as he travelled telepathically. His friends steered their craft eastwards and they sped across Asia, landing at Yakutsk to take soil samples. While this voyage was taking place Terry gave his wife a running commentary on it.

Apparently "...some Orions are living on Earth as family units". This is not without its hazards, as Terry has good reasons to believe that three of them are being held prisoners at an RAF station in Bedfordshire.

Like all such people, Terry has occasional problems with the sceptics. On one occasion when he appeared on a TV show in Norwich, he had to put up with two pairs of these creatures. One pair was very rude to him and his wife in the taxi on the way to the studio. The other pair consisted of a man and his wife. The woman had heavy make up because she suffered from skin complaints. However, she said that during the TV programme she could not help staring at Terry and she had then felt a 'presence' leave him and go into her. As a result her skin troubles were quickly cured. It is not recorded what the rude pair of sceptics thought of this.

Whether you believe every word of Terry's stories or dismiss them as nonsense, you will find them a breath of fresh air compared to the disgusting gunge extruded by the American alien abduction crowd. Terry has never met any Greys and doesn't want to, so just read and enjoy. -- Reviewed by John Harney. (First published on-line, 1997)

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