Brain Drain of the Gods

Erich von Däniken. The Return of the Gods: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitations. Element Books, 1997.

It is apparently quite easy to prove that the Earth was visited by extraterrestrials (ETs) in ancient times. Just study the Bible and other religious writings and pick out the passages which might suggest, if taken literally, accounts of flying machines or strange people using advanced technology. To do this it is first necessary to rubbish religion in general, so that the actions of God, or the gods, can be attributed to the ETs instead.

One way of disposing of all the awkward religious bits is to point out that the Gospels, for example, were not written down until long after the events they described, and that they were then copied by scribes who introduced many alterations and errors. So we shouldn't take them too seriously. However, this kind of interpretation apparently does not apply to stories of flying chariots and the like. And it has to be realised that angels and other mysterious beings are really space people.

Curiously, the von Däniken style of "scholarship" does not appeal to most experts on ancient religious texts, be they religious or not. They just do not seem to see how such writings can be seen as unreliable and nonsensical except for the parts which, in the judgement of the learned von Däniken, constitute evidence of visits by ETs and their interference in human affairs. Von Däniken is now a believer in alien abductions. This is because there are so many reports, and because Dr John Mack (that fellow has a lot to answer for) says that there is no psychological explanation for them. Apparently, as we are hybrids between humans and the ETs who visited us in ancient times: "Our genetic material therefore already contains extraterrestrial portions. The little grey aliens know this. All that they have to do is awaken the "junk" by making it compatible with the rest of our DNA chains, so that the half-empty brain is flooded with information.

If you want your half-empty brain flooded with garbage, then buy this book. -- John Harney

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