Beginners' Guides

Teresa Moorey. UFOs; A Beginner's Guide. Hodder and Stoughton. 1999.

Peter J. Morris. Aliens Amongst Us: A Beginner's Guide. Hodder and Stougbton. 1999.
The author of the first little book is a 'qualified' practising counsellor and astrologer .. (who) has followed the witchcraft path ... and has written extensively on nature worship and astrology'. Exactly how this qualifies her to write on UFOs isn't exactly clear, and while she strives to be open minded her knowledge of the subject is obviously very sketchy. This is, perhaps, why; of the 108 pages of text (minus the odd illustration or two) 20 are devoted to Roswell and 14 to the Philadelphia experiment nonsense. There are also the now obligatory references to animal mutilations and Zachariah Sitchin. Anything but a rounded introduction.

Morris's is another thin book in the same series, again with a New Age handle, and a set of 'practical exercises' to help you contact aliens through meditation and other things new agers like, though the author never makes it entirely clear whether he considers the aliens to be real physical beings or in some sense products of the human imagination. Better than the Theresa Mooney book though, as Morris does know something of the subject. – Peter Rogerson. Magonia 71, June 2000.

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