Between the Cracks

Jean-Claude Bourret. The Crack in the Universe: What You Have Not Been Told About Flying Saucers. Translated by Gordon Creighton. Spearman, 1977.
Based on a series of broadcasts on the French radio channel France-Inter in January to March, 1974 the main body of this book provides an excellent introduction to the UFO problem. Of particular interest are the first-hand accounts of occupant reports and other close encounters, including a new study of the Valensole affair, and an extraordinary case in which "the whole of nature seemed frozen" in the presence of a robot-like UFO entity. The opinions of the 'experts' consulted are the sort of statements that one expects, and most seemed biased towards some kind of ETH.

The much vaunted statement of the French Defence minister is the sort of cagey statement one might expect a politician to make, taking care not to offend any voters who happen to be UFO percipients. It should have been possible to recommend this book as an excellent introduction to the subject, which the main text is, but in all honesty one cannot, solely because of a most curious (to be polite) introduction by Gordon Creighton, which hints of various dark conspiracies. All of this can be taken in their stride by the seasoned ufologist, but it is likely to make a most unfortunate impression on the critical reader. Bourret has compiled two later books, and it would be nice to see them published in English, preferably without more such introductions! – Peter Rogerson, MUFOB New Series 10, Spring 1978.

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