Deep Blue Sea

Ivan T. Sanderson. Invisible Residents: a Disquisition Upon Certain Matters Marlne, and the Possibility of Intelligent Life Under The Waters Of This Earth. World Publishing Company (1971)
This is the latest book by the well-known Fortean Ivan T. Sanderson, and is concerned with a variety of marine mysteries. The first part of the book is given over to chronicling reports of objects entering and leaving bodies of water; light wheels, ''vile vortices”, disappearing planes and ships, and anomalous winds. The second part discusses the distribution of vortices and their possible nature. In the third part the author explores the possibility of super-intelligent marine life, and in the final chapter there is a study of other intelligences, which Sanderson regards as probably "over-civilised" and quite mad.

There are appendices on disappearances on land, 'vimanas', the theory of vortices and a list of objects entering and leaving bodies of fresh water. There is a bibliography giving sources. Sanderson's ideas seem rather confused at times, and he can hardly be said to have established his hypothesis. There are also a number of errors. Dr Vallee, as far as I know, does not believe UFOs are projections ( p 211). The submarine light wheels have been satisfactorily explained without reference to machines. (See FSR, 1967, 5.) Despite these reservations, Invisible Residents contains much interesting and useful information on marine UFO cases, and is recommended to ufologists. -- Peter Rogerson. Merseyside UFO Bulletin, volume 4, number 6, winter 1971.

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