Intelligence Quotient

Timothy Good. Unearthly Disclosure: Conflicting Interests in the Control of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Century, London, 2000.
As usual, Timothy Good regales us with some interesting UFO yarns. His technique must now be familiar to most readers. Take some sensational reports, then select accounts of investigations by the more credulous researchers. The work of more sceptical and probing investigators is ignored or brushed aside. Of course Good takes the trouble to make contact with many witnesses and investigators and - surprise, surprise - most of them tell him what he wants to hear.

Even Good's boundless credulity is strained on occasion, though. He devotes three chapters to the absurd stories told by the contactee Enrique Castillo Rincon about his encounters with Nordics from the Pleiades, admits that they are unbelievable, but concludes somewhat lamely: "Most probably his narrative is a mixture of truth and fiction. Whatever the case, he has provided us with a fascinating story and one which I believe contains important new insights." He doesn't give us any indication of what these insights might be, of course, and such remarks are typical of his incisive analysis of UFO narratives. But perhaps he is reluctant to indulge in "literary criticism". -- John Harney, from Magonia Supplement 32, October 2000.

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