Been Out East and Seen a Thing or Two

Paul Dong (Moon Wai) with Wendelle C, Stevens. UFOs over Modern China, a Survey of the Phenomenon. UFO Archive Books, 1983.

The bulk of this book consists of abstracts of translated UFO reports , often in the form of letters to the Chinese UFO Research Organisation, The vast majority of the reports are ‘Lights in the Sky’, with the same range of potential explanations as Western reports. Other cases may well describe experimental aircraft, rocket launches, etc. Only one possible abduction story features in the listings Traces of older beliefs are to be found in reports of UFO sightings coincidental with the flight and death of Lin Biao and the death of Mao. While the presentation of this material in English is to be welcomed, it is regrettable that it is published in a series containing some of the most unlikely looking contact stories since Buck Nelson.
  • Peter Rogerson, from Magonia 26, June 1987.

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