Not Quite NDE

S. Ramsey Blackley. As in Adam all Die. Book Guild, 1986,
Mr Blackley, a former chief executive of the Milk Marketing Board, had a cardiac arrest in 1967, but did not have a near-death experience, As a result he decided to examine critically the ideas of spiritualists and various religious groups regarding life after death. The author attacks these with great gusto, recalling the notable atheist pamphleteers of the nineteenth century. Many of the doctrines and attitudes assailed would probably be regarded as old fashioned to many members of the faiths concerned .

The treatment of Spiritualist accounts of the 'Summerland' is hilarious and for those like your reviewer, who do not read fundamentalist Spiritualist literature, there is a revelation of new levels of gullibility. 
The discussion of psychical research and the near-death experience is extremely superficial and quite misleading. The critique of NDE looks suspiciously like sour grapes - if I've not had a NDE, no-one has!

The reader who wishes to see a scholarly, intelligent and sympathetic critique of the concept of life after death would be advised to try elsewhere.
  • Peter Rogerson, from Magonia 26, June 1987.

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