As Above, So Below

Philip Heselton, Jimmy Goddard and Paul Baines. Skyways and Landmarks Revisited; A Re-evaluation of Tony Wedd's Work on Leys and Flying Saucers. Northern Earth Mysteries/Surrey Earth Mysteries Groups, 1985.
Contemporary ufological speculation on links between geological conditions and UFO phenomena is merely the latest point in a line of thought which has perceived a close link between aerial and earthly phenomenon. This short booklet comes at an apposite moment, reminding us as it does of some of the very earliest attempts to link UFOs and leys.
The core of the booklet is a reprint of Tony Wedd's pamphlet of 1961 in which he first records his impressions of landscape lines linked to saucer sightings; and Philip Heselton and Jimmy Goddard's subsequent reinvestigation of Wedd's data. I have no doubt that the statisticaJly-minded ley-hunter or ufologist could challenge the significance of Wedd's landscape geometry, and certatnly the ufologist would be quite unimpressed by the individual UFO sightings that are pressed into service to support the UFO/landscape link.
But this hardly matters - I find leys more convincing as art than science (Wedd was an artist, art teacher, and published a book on the principles of design), and this booklet gives a fascinating insight into the origins of one of the main currents in contemporary ufological debate. Curiously, I think that whilst the 'scientific' ley hunters will dismiss Wedd's contributions to 'serious' ufology, the 'sociologically' inclined ufologists will recognise his role as an unacknowledged leader of one of the main strands which form the ufological legend.
John Rimmer, from Magonia 19, May 1985

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