The Adamski Files

FBI File on George Adamski. William Moore Publications, 1984.
FBI Research File on George Adamski, William Moore Publications 1985.

These two publications, issued provide much new background information on Adamski and his associates, but Adamski supporters will find little to comfort them. The FBI file may come as a surprise to some, but there are sixty pages of notes and memoranda, now declassified, which show that the Bureau did indeed show considerable interest in Adamski in the 1950s for reasons that are not too clear, They visited him at least three times and even examined his famous 'scout-ship' photos Unfortunately the names of many of the petiole involved have been deleted to avoid embarrassment: this is standard practice under US government ‘exception codes.

Whatever one believes about Adamski, the authorities did take a certain interest in him and kept a dossier on his activities, One thing that emerges is that at one point Adamski came very close to criminal charges for making misleading statements about the USAF and the FBI, and for falsifying an FBI document,

The Research File consists of about 100 pages of private letters, magazine extracts, reprints of articles etc, about Adamski over a 30-year period, Some of it seems to have little direct relevance, and the quality of reproduction leaves a lot to be desired, There is little good news for Adallski supporters here, either, and the late George Hunt Williamson also gets quite a hammering for parading his phony degrees and awards In American Men of Science. When the editors discovered this they promptly deleted his entry. Williamson witnessed Adamski's desert encounter: was a contactee himself and later wrote some zany ancient astronaut-type books,

Other interesting items are an anonymous letter claiming that both Adamski and Williamson had connections with an American Nazi leader. who was convicted of seditlon; an explanation of how Adamski probably obtained his ‘Venusian writing’ photograph, and the final insight into the
notorious Straith letter affair (which even made the columns of The Times of all places!) It is a pity. these documents were not available in time for the Good/Zinsstag book.
  • Christopher D. Allan, from Magonia 25.

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