Divining Instructions

Tom Graves. The Diviner's Handbook. Thorson. 1986.
This is not a book which sets out to argue the case for or against divining; the reality of the phenomenon is taken for granted, and this is, as the title implies, a straightforward 'how to do it' manual. As such, I suspect that those who do accept the reality of this facility will find this book invaluable; those who reject divining as mumbo-jumbo may experiment with bent coat-hangers as much as they like with no result other than a devastated wardrobe. Those, like your reviewer, who attempt to balance the alleged practical results of the process against the difficulty of seeing how it could possibly operate, will find this book little help, and must wait longer for a truly balanced survey of the arguments - in the Aquarian 'Evidence For' series, perhaps? Those who feel they do have the necessary abilities and skills for dowsing would be advised to consult this book, with its straightforward instructions and explanations, and try their luck.
John Rimmer

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