Alien Rock

Michael C Luckman. Alien Rock: The Rock and Roll Extraterrestrial Connection. Pocket Books, 2005.
Michael Luckman is a ufologist who had taught rock music at a New York college and is here trying to combine these two interests and with an account of the of the ufological experiences and interests of a variety of rock stars. Of course all this demonstrates is that rock stars in as in to popular culture as anyone else and have a tendency to leap onto what ever fad can get them a bit of publicity. Many of the anecdotes come from the legions of hangers on and wannabe hangers on that famous people attract.

If this material is worthless as scientific data, as folklore it is fascinating for reveal ing the extent to which rock music has become a religion, with its icons taking the role of holy men and women who experience wondrous events, channel supernatural forces. or. especially as in the case of Elvis. can become messianic figures. These are classic examples of what sociologists call charisma. – Peter Rogerson. Magonia 91, February 2006.

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