Big Bird

Mark A Hall. Thunderbirds: America 's Living Legends of Giant Birds. Paraview Press, 2004.
A collection of reports suggestive of very large birds, sometimes reported as carrying away people, from both tradition and modern testimony. These stories are presented as evidence for a claws-and-feathers bird, but there is the usual problem of the lack of physical evidence. Hall discusses the so called big-bird photograph which a number of people claim to have seen and Ivan T. Sanderson claimed to have once possessed. No-one has ever tracked this photograph down and Hall suggests a number of reasons for this, such as people actually seeing a drawing etc.

Of course one answer might be that these are cases of false memory, and Sanderson's claims, backed up by none other than John Keel, suggest that both those gentleman were fantasists of the first order. That of course does not mean that all such reports can so easily explained, and the best verdict to date on Big Bird and its colleague the giant owl, is that the jury is still out. – Peter Rogerson. Magonia 91, February 2006.

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