Flying High

Arthur Shuttlewood. The Flying Saucerers. Sphere, 1976.
As in his previous books Shuttlewood forestalls attempts at serious criticism by adopting a quasi-religious approach to the subject. This book is the usual mixture, in his distinctive style, of UFO reports and pseudo-scientific and mystical speculations, some of them being not so much irrational as totally meaningless. For example: "And why have we the unbudging attitude that all humanoid life must be carbon based? Could it not be that, whereas our atoms on Earth are erect, those of our flying visitors may run in parallel?"

It is well worth browsing through this book to uncover other such gems, and connoisseurs of Shuttlewoodiana will be glad to see that the old master has not lost his gift for chapter headings, the present crop includes such as 'Measuring Ground for Givan Stimuli', and 'Erupted into Crisp, Crimson Birth'. At all events, this book must be counted an improvement on his previous work UFOs: Key to the New Age, as it did not actually give your reviewer a headache to read it. – John Harney. Magonia New Series 5, Winter 1976-77

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