Just a Coincidence

Raymond Fowler. SynchroFile: Amazing Personal Encounters with Synchronicity and other Strange Phenomena. iUniverse, 2004.
This book is full of accounts of what Fowler considers extraordinary coincidences in his life, and the lives of his family and friends, as well as many other odd personal experiences. At times it these come so thick and fast that one wonders where he found the time to follow his obviously very busy work and leisure activities. To some extent these 'coincidences' may the product of a heightened sense of vigilance and sensitivity to borderline perceptual clues, others may be evidence that we process incoming information unconsciously before it comes to conscious attention. Ifs not clear how much of Fowler's multiple sleep disorders are caused by his admitted sleep apnoea (a disorder in where people stop breathing when asleep, usually causing them to wake up briefly on an almost continual basis), but it seems plausible to suggest a visit to a sleep nature laboratory would be useful for him, and help provide some clues as to the of claimed nocturnal abductions, and other varieties of the secret 'night adventure'. – Peter Rogerson, Magonia 86, November 2004.

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