UFOs in Canada

 Bondarchuk. UFO Sightings, Landinga and Abductions: The Documented Evidence. Methuen, Canada, 1979 .
This Canadian casebook ought to be on the reference shelf of every ufologist not only for the material it contains, but for the way in which that material is presented . For Canadian and non-Canadian readers alike, it is convenient to have forty-plus of the best Canadian sightings presented in documented detail; and it is also useful to have them presented under such categories as 'military pilots sightings', 'UFOs and energy generating sites' and so on. So simply as a report from a country not sufficiently often heard from this is a valuable compendium.

For the most part Bondarchuk is prepared to let the facts speak for themselves, restricting his comment to general observations on the material he presents; there is a minimum of speculating and theorising. A notable feature is the excellent set of illustrations by the author and by Brian James, whose work is well known to readers of Canadian UFO Report. The author has avoided the temptation to overwhelm the readers with the weight of material available. Essential as they undoubtedly are, compilations such as NICAP 's UFO Evidence do tend to have the effect of sunning rather than stimulating. Instead, Bondarchuk has limited himself to a small sampling of high quality cases, most of them either multiple-witness, officially corroborated, or in some other way notably well backed-up. The result is a quiet, unobtrusive collection which nevertheless has more impact than many more self-consciously didactic books. If I had to choose a single volume to put into the hands of someone who asked " But is there really anything to this UFO business?", then this could well be the book I would select. - Willy Smith, Magonia 6, 1981.

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