A Guide to Your Fate

Gray Barker (compiler) A UFO Guide to Fate. Saucerian Press. 1981.
This invaluable compilation is a comprehensive index to UFO-orientated articles published in Fate magazine from its beginning in 1948 up to the end of 1980, and must represent the culmination of a great deal of hard work. The original listings have been computerized, so that a variety of printouts can be produced arranging the data in different formats. This allows the index to be used in many useful ways. For example, lists are provided of articles arranged chronologically from the earliest to the latest. This is particularly useful in demonstrating the development of UFO literature. It is interesting to note, for instance, that the last use of the phrase 'flying saucer' in a Fate title was in January 1963, just before the appearance of the first abduction report in June of the same year.

Other lists give alphabetical arrangements by author, subject and title, as well as sample listings of photographs, illustrations and 'typical' advertisements. In all a well-produced and useful compilation that will be of great value to all serious researchers wishing to access one of the key sources of UFO information, with the added bonus of an informative and humorous introduction to each section by Gray Barker. 

John Rimmer, Magonia 8, 1983.

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