Technical Query

Bruce Cathie. The Pulse of the Universe: Harmonic 288. Sphere, 1981.
There was a line on the old Round the Horne radio shows which went: "I have a technical query on the production of radio programmes - how does a show like yours ever get on the air?" I have a technical question about the publishing industry - how does a load of incomprehensible twaddle like this get published, when interesting books on ufology are being turned down? We have often complained of books being mere lists of newspaper cuttings, but at least they are understandable, and the wild blue yonder stuff has undoubted entertainment value. But this? Clearly, the mentality of paperback publishers is a subject which escapes rational analysis and presents a mystery of cosmic dimensions; breathtaking in its baffling complexity.

Peter Rogerson, from Magonia 8, December 1972

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