Body Negative

Janet Lee Mitchell. Out of the Body Experiences. Turnstone Press, 1985.
Ingo Swann claims to be able to leave his body at will and has submitted himself to laboratory experiments designed to investigate this claim, which have been conducted by the American Society for Psychical Research. Dr. Mitchell was so impressed by Swann that she was inspired to write this book.

The book discusses out-of-the-body (OOBE) experiences and similar phenomena both inside and outside the laboratory. Those who are familiar with the subject of OOBEs will find little that is new or surprising. Those who would like a reasonable concise introduction to the subject will find this book useful as it covers so many different aspects with some brevity. However, those readers who like to see such matters treated objectively will be irritated by the author's easy acceptance of the notion that people who have OOBEs really do leave their bodies, even though she has to admit that the results of experiments which attempt to prove this are certainly not conclusive.
John Harney, from Magonia 20, August 1985

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