Sea Beasts

Paul Lester. The Great Sea Serpent Controversy: a Cultural Study. Protean Publications, 1984.
In this little pamphlet Lester gives a brief summary of the history of interest in the sea-serpent, and its emergence from the occupational folklore of sailors, fishermen and whalers, to a major controversy of the nineteenth century. To that era 'the great unknown' suggested science's incomprehension before the mysteries of nature and their defiance of scientific pretensions; as also it symbolised the untamed natural realm beyond the borders of civilization. It was perhaps the Beast from the Waters of Revelations. In his final paragraph Lester suggests that if the sea-serpent and sasquatch come from the pre-historic past, UFOs symbolise a post-historic future. 
  • Peter Rogerson, Magonia 20, August 1985

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