Examining the NDE

Bruce Grayson and Charles P. Flynn (editors) The Near Death Experience: Problems, Prospects, Perspectives . Chas. C Thomas, 1984.
A selection of twenty-one papers on various aspects of the Near Death Experience. While the majority are orientated to the clinician, some are of more general interest. Likely to be of special interest to Magonia readers are Ronald Siegel's 'The Psychology of Life after Death'; Car! Sagan's 'The Amniotic Universe'; Carl Becker's critique of birth-trauma hypotheses 'Why Birth Models cannot explain Near Death Experiences'; and Michael Grosso's 'Jung, Parapsychology, and the NDE, towards a transpersonal paradigm', which includes a mention of Orfeo Angelucci. The publication of numerous essays from a variety of sources raises a major problem of repetition, and gives the impression that little progress is being made. A basic phenomenological analysis is still lacking.
Peter Rogerson, Magonia 23, July 19

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