UFO Cults

Weldon Burge. The UFO Cults. Pamphlet Publications, Cincinnati, 1979.
Though this little pamphlet contains some interesting information on ‘cults', the covert Christian Fundamentalist polemic is in evidence. As with many writers on such subjects no attempt is made to place such cults in perspective, or trace the history of their ideas . Thus few readers would realise that Allan Noonan 's 'One World Family' appears to derive much of its theology from such English Civil War sects as ‘My One Flesh', which preached a radical pantheism, the deliberate flouting of social convention and a social revolution based on Joachim of Fiore's ‘Everlasting Gospel'. Without extensive documentation, I am not prepared to accept that the Aetherius Society believes in wiping out all its opponents. I am no friend of 'cults', but tend to question some of the more hysterical attacks made on them, which recall the ‘anti-convent' riots in the 1850's. – Peter Rogerson, from Magonia 7, August 1981.

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